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Welcome to Genyukan Dojo!

Genyukan offers instruction in Doshinkan Aikido, Ryushin Shouchi Ryu IAIDO and Shotokan Karate-do under the leadership of Roman Pinkhasov Sensei, Dojo-cho (dojo chief, i.e. the man who runs the dojo ) Genyukan, meaning "Profound Brave School", is the name given to us by Utada Kancho. read more
  1. Our Mission

    Our Mission is to provide exemplary martial arts instruction, programs and facilities, with the goal of helping our students improve their body, minds and spirit through the practice of the martial arts.

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  2. Join Our Class

    We have classes for Aikido, Karate, Iaido so it can be practiced by women and men of all ages and ability. Our Genyukan Dojo Doshinkan Aikido program has men, women and children from 5 to 110

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  3. Our Heritage

    The Genyukan Dojo heritage is rooted in the techniques, concepts and principles of Doshinkan Aikido and Shotokan Karate-do as passed down through the decades from the founding fathers

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About Our Dojo

Developing Minds, Bodies and Spirits Through Traditional Martial Arts

Budo (武道,) is a Japanese term describing martial arts. In English, it is used almost exclusively in reference to Japanese martial arts. At the Genyukan Dojo, the traditional Japanese martial arts of Aikido and Karate-do are taught. In addition to these Budo arts, the Genyukan Dojo also teaches a modern an effective form of self-defense

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