About Genykan

Devloping Minds, Bodies and Sprits Through Traditional Martial Arts
Genyukan offers instruction in Doshinkan Aikido and Shotokan Karate-do under the leadership of Roman Pinkhasov Sensei, Our school is a dojo-cho (branch school) of the Aikido Association of North America under the auspices of Yukio Utada, Kancho. Genyukan, meaning "Profound Brave School", is the name given to us by Utada Kancho.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide exemplary martial arts instruction, programs and facilities, with the goal of helping our students improve their body, minds and spirit through the practice of the martial arts.
Our Heritage
The Genyukan Dojo heritage is rooted in the techniques, concepts and principles of Doshinkan Aikido and Shotokan Karate-do as passed down through the decades from the founding fathers (M. Ueshiba, Gozo Shioda and G. Funakoshi) to the modern day successors of the traditions.
Chief Instructor
The Genyukan Dojo chief instructor, Roman Pinkhasov Sensei, holds a 4th Dan, Doshinkan Aikido and is a certified Dojo-cho with the Aikido Association of North America. In addition he holds a 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate and 3rd Dan in Jiu-Jitsu. With over 30 years of training in martial arts, Roman Sensei brings to the Dojo, his long-time experience along with the traditions, discipline and honor of the Japanese martial arts. Roman Pinkhasov Sensei began his martial arts training at the age of 9, when he joined a local judo club in his native country – the Soviet Union. In the late 1970's, a new martial art emerged on the scene - Karate, which immediately caught his attention and which still intrigues his to this very day.
Martial Arts at the Genyukan
Budo (武道,) is a Japanese term describing martial arts. In English, it is used almost exclusively in reference to Japanese martial arts. At the Genyukan Dojo, the traditional Japanese martial arts of Aikido and Karate-do are taught. In addition to these Budo arts, the Genyukan Dojo also teaches a modern an effective form of self-defense - synthesizing several martial arts into a practice called Magen Self-defense.
Benefits of training
Martial arts practice has many benefits, though these vary from art to art and dojo to dojo depending on the different emphasis. At Genyukan our practice has many wonderful benefits like:

→ Complete personal safety
→ Balance and flexibility
→ Great coordination
→ Calmness under pressure
→ Relaxation and stress relief
→ Improved concentration
→ Good health and fitness
→ High self-esteem
→ Self confidence
→ Great for Health and Fitness

Martial Arts training is for the body and mind. Moderate exercise a few times a week is important for maintaining and improving health. Martial Arts training combines the mental discipline of learning an ancient art (you'll never get bored) together with physical activity at a pace your body is comfortable with. It combines anaerobic weight bearing activity (vital for bone density development) together with aerobic activity ( for cardio vascular health)during freestyle practice. The intensity of practice grows with your martial arts skill base and physical development through training. If you can get up and down off the ground your ready to start aikido.