SO, you want to become a student ?
To become a member of Genyukan, we encourage you to try a few classes first. Once you have experienced one of our exciting training sessions, you will be given a membership form to fill in. Once you submit the form you will be affiliated with Genyukan and be given a lifetime membership. You can also download our membership application and print it yourself.
What's involved ?:
You will attend weekly classes and undergo gradings to assess your progress.
How much does it cost ?
We have convenient membership packages to suit your needs. We encourage longer term options allowing us to reduce the fees and avoid the hassles of collecting money at each class. The cost to participate in contests and seminars vary and are entirely optional, although students are encouraged to participate at least 2 times a year.
What About Equipment ?
At the Genyukan Dojo, we encourage plain white karate or judo "gis" (uniforms) with our badge/ logos. We have a small supply available for sale. Eventually you will be encouraged to purchase and wear a "hakama" - the formal pleated pants that the instructor will be wearing.

However, for your first classes, you can wear a martial art uniform from any other style. You may also wear something loose such as a plain sweatshirt and sweatpants.

As you advance, you will be encouraged to purchase your own training weapons, which are used in our advanced classes. About once per year, the Dojo makes a group order for supplies.
Additional equipment that may be needed later on includes:
➱ Additional belts (each major change in rank will require a new belt)
➱ Mouth guard (to protect teeth)
➱ Shin pads (only for tournaments)
➱ Groin guard (for boys/men - only for tournaments)
➱ Breast guard (for girls/women - only for tournaments)