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WDVD - Doshin Buki Sojyutsu - color: 44 minutes $45.00

By training BUKI WAZA, we come to understand how directing the flow of energy will enable us to generate a power greater than we ever thought possible. With a focused study of the BOKKEN, TANTO & JO, we eill come to see that a weapon is an extension of ourselves. For the first time, 40 year+ experienced Sensei Yukio Utada Kancho teaches specific forms of Doshin Buki Sojyutsu in this format. Allowing you the benefit of learning a solid foundaton of Buki Waza while furthering your aability in weapons applicatons.

Genyukan Patch $5.00

You can buy an extra patch for other Gis, or replace one that has been damaged in training, or just show the world where you train on your favorite jacket!